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Przetłumacz na j.Polski : The Akaiwa-gumi, a splinter...

Autor: machond, 2013-05-28 18:31:35
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The Akaiwa-gumi, a splinter division of the Aizukotetsu-kai, is a crime organization formed in the late 70’s as a countermeasure to the rampant extortion of the Kyoto gambling circuit. Originally from Kyoto, Japan, the Akaiwa-gumi is known most prominently for its tendency towards expansion, adopting an affable-yet-respectable mannerism as an efficient tool to poke its foot in any door. They were bound only by their insatiability, repressed by the limitations of the already dried East Asia. They were ravenous for more, and with little option otherwise, the Akaiwa-gumi had no choice but to cross the Pacific, an avenue seldom traveled by the Yakuza before.

It wasn’t long before the Akaiwa-gumi had Hawaii on lockdown – what seemed to be rich in vision fell very short, the small chain of islands absent of the ambition they were accustomed to back home. They spiraled into an incessant bout of stagnation, their traction they so adamantly maintained swept away by the soothing Hawaiian surf. It was clearly time for another adjustment, but to what effect? Head west and work with the Triads? No, they weren’t fond of the Japanese. Double back and negotiate with the South Koreans? They had to think bigger than that. In concoction of their next strategy, they discovered that the process would not be as textbook as before -- with most of East Asia’s ‘land of opportunity’ beyond exhaustion, their next operation had to go beyond that of the Yakuza’s influence. They had to step boldly into unchartered lands, surrender themselves to monumental risk and become the cartographers of fresh, promising Yakuza prospect: They had no choice but to reach the west coast. With quite the appetite, and an even heftier challenge ahead, the Akaiwa-gumi spanned across the Pacific, their dinner napkins ready for their next meal.

As business began to stir, contacts were made, meetings were scheduled, and money was transacted. It didn’t take long for the Aizukotetsu-kai to distinguish the progress of the Akaiwa-gumi from their other children branches-- as the Akaiwa-gumi began to pick up influence in America, the Aizukotetsu-kai absolutely relished in it back home; so long as the Aizu-kai provided for the Akaiwa-gumi overseas, the Akaiwa-gumi would mature into a dependable vanguard for them, even becoming eligible for review by the Aizukotetsu-kai Council. Their influence had soon become malignant, molding over the casino-riddled streets of Vinewood like the mildew on a loaf left unchecked, further humoring the agenda of the Aizu-kai Council. It has been a few months, and already the group has developed into a force to be reckoned with.

Just a few days ago, Hideaki Akaiwa received a letter from the Council. Hideaki and the Oyabun are scheduled to arrive at a summit in Hawaii within the next few weeks in discussion of the legitimacy of Clan Akaiwa. The council is seemingly confident about the Akaiwa-gumi, but who knows... It’s up to them to decide.

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