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angielskiego. Proszę o pomoc :) zad. write it up as the...

Autor: petra521, 2014-05-28 17:36:21
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angielskiego. Proszę o pomoc :)
write it up
as the ombudsman, write a letter to the insurance company. Tell them either that you support their decision not to settle the clam, or that you think it was an unfair decision and they should settle. Explain your argument.

You are members of the financial ombudsman service - an independent organization that's helps disagreement between companies and their following dispute between a car owner and an insurance company following the theft of a car.

Jane Buxton was at a restaurant in the city centre when her handbag was stolen. Inside the bag were her house keys, wallet and driving license with her home address on it. She reported the theft to the police and to her insurance company. The police advised her to change the locks on her house. She made a claim on her motor insurance policy, but the company refused to settle the claim. They told her she wad at fault because she didn't change locks on her car after her handbag was stolen. Jane thinks in unfair and company should settle her claim

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